Welcome to Proguard Ltd. and thank you for your interest shown in our company. We hope that our Web site provides you an insight into our business, people, and its work culture. It will also help you appreciate how we use our local knowledge, backed by our regional partners and global network to deliver the best product and services to our clients.

Proguard Ltd  works with a range of organizations – mid-to-large size private enterprises, state-owned  companies, Government and Defence Organization as well as large established Multinationals. We create sustainable impact for our clients   by helping them to modernize with our range of the state of art products backed by professional services, helping and facilitating them to achieve their business target.

We rely on the talent and drive of our consultants. We hire the best talent and we invest significant resources in building collective knowledge and in developing individuals. We work hard but always in an environment of mutual respect, professionalism, and support.

Wishing you, a pleasant surfing on our website and looking forward for a continued business relation. Shall you have any query, please  do not hesitate to mail us or contact us on details provided on the web site. We will be glad to listen to you and provide you with the most practical and feasible solution.


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